Fall’s here… time to clean out that series manager

Forget about spring cleaning… your DVR probably needs a little fall cleaning. Every year we add promising shows to record, and some of them don’t last very long. Didn’t Manhattan Love Story sound good last year? What about Allegiance? Dozens of promising shows and most of them don’t last.

Depending on your provider, you might not notice when your DVR is recording too many things. DIRECTV DVRs (except Genie) only allow for 50 series to be recorded, but DISH DVRs don’t have that limit. Either way, it takes time for your DVR to look for each series you choose to record. Even if you haven’t reached your limit, it’s a good time to look at what you’re recording and discard some of those shows that aren’t coming back.

A quick google search will help you figure out those shows that were canceled. Even if they weren’t canceled, if you’re recording shows you don’t really care to watch you’re just filling up the hard drive and risking that something you really want will be deleted to make space.

Some shows have changed names. Are you all set up for American Horror Story? If you were relying on an old series link (DISH calls them “timers”) you might miss it. This year it’s called American Horror Story: Hotel.

If you can only record 50 series at a time, make yourself a list of shows that only come back in the summer, like Battlebots and take them off the list. Or, use the new “All Channels” search option if you’re recording the same show on multiple channels.

You may have conflicts you didn’t have before, because of shows moving to different time periods. Take a look at your DVR’s “to do” list and look for problems. If you have more than one DVR you can spread recordings out.

A few minutes spent on DVR maintenance will pay dividends all year long.