What’s the best receiver for a Tailgater or VuQube?

There’s a lot to like about the Tailgater from King. This little box is dead-on simple. Put it down on a level surface and it finds a satellite locks onto it, and gives you live TV. It will even pick up high definition channels in many cases. Hardcore RVers choose DISH for satellite TV on the road because of DISH’s flexible monthly options and because DIRECTV requires a much more expensive setup in order to get HD channels on the road. Pretty much all you’ll need is a Tailgater (or its older sibling, the VuQube) and a DISH receiver. But which one should you pick?

While any current receiver should work (and some DVRs will as well) the best choice in my opinion is this DISH 211K receiver. Why? It’s just designed for this purpose. It’s a little larger giving it better ventilation, and while you’d be tempted to use a smaller receiver in an RV you really do need something that dissipates heat well.

It’s possible in some cases to use a Wally receiver but I don’t recommend it. Why? The Wally is designed to work in the “hybrid dish” environment used by Hoppers, and the portable dishes do not use that “hybrid” technology because they don’t need it. While a Wally may work for you, I’ve heard far too many stories of people who have had problems activating them and using them on the road. There’s simply no need to choose that receiver when there’s a much better one available.

When you get your equipment from Solid Signal, you can call us for activation and technical support and we’ll walk you through the process, even if that means setting up a new account for you. We’re DISH authorized retailers and we have specialists on staff who know all the details and can get you set up and watching live TV in a hurry. You won’t go through several layers of technical support when you call Solid Signal like you would if you called DISH directly. Our team is ready to help you when you’re ready!

Do remember though, that you should activate that receiver and get set up as soon as you receiver your new equipment. You may not be planning to go out on the road for months, but don’t let this wait! Generally receivers need to be activated within 30 days or you can risk problems and even extra costs. Buy what you need, when you need it, and we’ll help you take care of the rest.

If you’re looking for information or guidance on choosing the best system for RVing, give us a call at 888-233-7563. We are the hands-down leaders in RV satellite television and we can recommend the right system for you whether it’s a simple dish on a tripod, an awesome roof-mounted system that lets you watch TV while you’re moving, or something in between like a Tailgater. Our staff has thousands of hours of experience with mobile satellite TV and we’ll offer it all to you for free!

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