FOCUS ON: Rabbit TV — why we don’t carry this product

You’ve probably seen it at the drugstore or possibly a late-night infomercial. It’s the Rabbit TV, a chromed-up flash drive that promises to replace cable or satellite for just $10 a year. You might have thought, hey, that’s not a lot of money, and if Skype can replace my phone bill, why can’t I do the same thing with my cable bill?

What we have here is a product that just isn’t worth the money, not even $10 a month.

If you read the description on the package or listen to their commercials, you would think this product could give you 100 times the content of cable or satellite. It can, well sort of. Rabbit TV’s flash drive connects you to their web site, which simply acts as a search engine to let you search free internet content. That’s all.

That’s right, if you can use Google, you have access to the same content that Rabbit TV wants you to pay for. Google is free, and so are sites like and All you’re getting for your $10 is a friendly little site that does some of the work for you. Is that really worth $10?

There are many sites that will let you stream live, but for the most part you’ll find that network programs are not available for streaming live without a cable or satellite subscription. So, if you think you’ll have access to live broadcast network content, sorry. The same applies to premium channels. Rabbit TV won’t help you get them; you’ll need to subscribe.

Solid Signal doesn’t carry the Rabbit TV product because we don’t think it’s a good value for our customers, plain and simple. If you think that $10 isn’t an excessive amount of money to pay for a search engine, that’s cool. Just remember that you could save that $10 with a little bit of searching.

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