Your Friend in Winter Emergencies

In addition to a TV antenna, do you have everything you need in case of a winter emergency? If not, let Solid Signal help you stock up on those emergency supplies.

We’ve already discussed why it’s important to have a TV antenna in emergency situations. Now we want to take a look at other things you’ll need in an emergency, particularly a winter emergency. From the Pacific Northwest, to the Midwest, to the East Coast, this country is known for having harsh winters. Even some states in the American South have been hit with freak snowstorms brought on by polar vortexes. You have a TV antenna, but do you have everything else you might need if a blizzard blankets your town? Solid Signal makes it easy for you to stock up on much needed emergency winter supplies.

Don’t Get Caught Dead on the Road
Ever heart of Murphy’s Law? It’s the belief that everything that can possibly go wrong will go wrong. Imagine Mr. Murphy deciding to show up in the form of a dead automotive battery during a winter emergency. It can and has happened! To prevent a dead battery from getting you caught in the storm, try this Black and Decker 500-amp jump starter device. You charge at home with a standard extension cord, then take it with you in your vehicle. It’s the kind of device that’s there when you need it most. Device comes with a dual-LED light to make night use easy, as well as a built-in USB charging port for personal electronics.

Clean Drinking in Emergencies
In an emergency, water becomes one of the most precious resources. If you don’t have access to it, the threat of dehydration or worse becomes a very grim and possible reality. If you lose power during a snowstorm and your pipes freeze, you can get cut off from your water supply in an instant.  You can melt snow and drink that, but snow gathers dust and pollution on its way through the atmosphere. Keep your family safe with this portable water filtration system by PurifiCup. It eliminates more than 600 kinds of bacteria to provide you with safe, clean drinking water. It’s also good for hunters, hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Emergency Radio and More

While your TV antenna is the best way to stay connected with the outside world in an emergency, a weather radio like this one helps, too. This Midland emergency radio is exactly that and more. It receives NOAA weather stations and AM/FM radio. It also is a USB charger and a super bright LED flashlight with high, low, and SOS mode. This radio runs on batteries and solar power. It also features a crank that can be turned to charge the radio when it runs out of power. Given its multiple uses, this radio is one of the best things you could have in an emergency. Solid Signal has them at a great price.

Prepare for the Storm
Winter is on its way and for many of us in the U.S., this means severe blizzards and storms. Like it or not, it’s best to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. With the emergency supplies featured in this blog and on our website, Solid Signal helps you prepare for the worst that winter can dish out. Don’t get caught in the storm. Stock up on your winter emergency supplies from Solid Signal today.

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