FROM THE FORUMS: 1 booster, 5 buildings?

Can you use one cellular signal booster to cover five buildings? That was the question posed in our user forums recently. The answer, as they say on TV, may surprise you.

Yes you can do it.

You can use something like this WilsonPro 4000 and put the antennas in four different buildings. You can even use a splitter to add a fifth antenna if you want.  It’s one of the most powerful and advanced cellular signal boosters ever made and gives you a lot of options for boosting signal in a large area.

But, do you want to?

In order to get signal to five separate buildings, you’re talking about a lot of cable. You’re possibly burying it or running it through underground conduits. That means it’s hardly going to be a straight shot from building to building. The problem is, you’re adding a lot of cable.

The more cable you add, the less signal gets where you need it to be. Eventually you get to the point where the amount of cable you’ve used weakens the signal enough that there isn’t any benefit to the booster at all. If the five buildings in question are fairly close and connected by catwalks or conduits, perhaps it could work. Chances are if they’re relatively far away, it won’t.

A better option

The best option is going to be planning a system with multiple boosters that puts strong signal where you want it to be. I get it, this is probably going to cost more money. But the bottom line there is, it’s going to work.

Luckily, you have a friend in your corner. The experts at Solid Signal can help you plan a cellular signal booster system that works the way you want it to. Based on your plans and blueprints, and a little bit of information about how the cell signal is outside, they can come up with a personalized estimate that’s going to make it easy for you to get the cell service you want.

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