Get an easy one-line mini-guide with your DIRECTV Genie

There’s an easy way to see what’s on and what’s coming up, and it always surprises people when I tell them about it. Believe it or not it’s been part of DIRECTV’s DVRs since the beginnings in the mid-2000s. The look has changed with the times, though, and if you have a late-model Genie, you’ll find that this capability is there and better than ever!

To get a mini-guide like the one you see above, press the ENTER button at the bottom right of your Genie remote. It pops up instantly and you can use the left and right arrows to go forward and backward in time, plus the up and down arrows to go to different channels. Once you find what you want to watch, press the SELECT button. If you decide to stay where you are, press the EXIT button.

This is just one way you can see what’s on without bothering someone who is watching TV. Another way is to use the FREE DIRECTV app for smartphones and tablets, available at your device’s App Store or Play Store. Using the app you can schedule recordings, see the full guide, and even set up recurring recordings so you never miss a show.

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