DIRECTV announces 4K Baseball Schedule

With baseball season well underway, DIRECTV takes the lead in providing 4K content for everyone! Last year’s 4K broadcasts were largely commercial-free, replacing commercials with a quiet view of the field. To me, that was an upgrade by itself!

Here’s the schedule so far:

3/30 – NY Yankees @ Toronto, 7:07 pm ET (ch. 106)
3/31 – Houston Astros @ Texas, 4:00pm ET (ch. 105)
4/11 – NY Yankees @ Boston, 7:10pm ET (ch. 106)
4/12 – NY Yankees@ Boston, 7:10pm ET (ch. 106)
4/26 – Milwaukee Brewers@ Chicago, 8:05pm ET (ch.106)

In order to get all this 4K goodness, you need the right equipment. That means an HR54 Genie DVR or HS17 Genie Home Server, plus a C61K 4K Genie Mini Client or DIRECTV 4K-Ready Smart TV. You’ll also need the Reverse Band 3 Slimline Dish. While there is still some 4K content available without that dish, every program I’ve seen on channel 106 has needed it.

Should you be considering 4K?

This is the perfect time to upgrade. DIRECTV’s 4K selection beats any other provider out there, with the latest 4K movies, a ton of programming, and more live events than anyone. It’s pretty obvious that DIRECTV is the 4K leader and they’re going to stay that way for some time. They’ve invested millions and millions of dollars into new satellite technology that’s perfect for 4K and they are the only provider who has the capacity to deal with a flood of new 4K channels.

If you haven’t joined the 4K revolution, why not? It’s true that 4K was a slow starter, but you’re seeing more and more 4K all the time and if you’re streaming, you’re not seeing the best possible quality. DIRECTV’s 4K content is the only way to see top-quality 4K from a pay-TV provider, period. If you’re looking for live 4K content, the best way to see it is satellite, and the best satellite provider for 4K is DIRECTV.

If you’re ready to upgrade to DIRECTV 4K, give the fine folks at Solid Signal a call at 888-233-7563. You’ll be glad you did.


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