Hopper 3 in an RV? You bet

I’ve been telling people for a while that Hopper 3s aren’t a great idea in an RV. In fact, I’ve been telling people you can’t do it. So, I have to fall on my sword here.

Thanks to the people at the Open Roads Forum

I’d like to give a shoutout to the folks over at Open Roads forum for setting me straight. I like to think I’m pretty well versed when it comes to satellite stuff but I sure dropped the ball here. They pointed out that if you want to use a Hopper 3 in your RV, it works just fine with the DPH42 multiswitch. Just connect it to your traditional RV dish, just as you would in a stationary application. As long as your Hopper’s running something close to the current software, it will work.

Or, just use an older Hopper.

If you’re the sort of person who really wants to record 16 things at the same time and support 8 locations all from your RV, my hat’s off to you. some might say it’s a bit of overkill. If you don’t need all that extra capacity and you want to skip the cost of a DPH42 multiswitch, Solid Signal still has a lot of the Hopper with Sling which brings you the Hopper experience without the need for a new multiswitch.

No matter what…

you can’t go wrong with satellite TV in your RV, and you can’t go wrong with Solid Signal. As the nation’s largest activation specialist for DIRECTV and DISH, we’ll help you get up and running quickly no matter if you installed your equipment yourself or had someone else do it.

We’re also experts in making sure you get the most out of your RV satellite experience. We can help you figure out what you’ll need in order to watch the programs you want. Ee’re experts in all the different options. If you have an older RV with older satellite equipment, we can help you get upgraded. That way you won’t lose access to any programs, anytime.

It all starts with a call to Signal Connect, the corporate arm of Solid Signal. The number is 888-233-7563 and we have specialists available to help during weekday business hours. Once you get through, you’ll be connected with a specialist. He or sheewill take you through the whole process and stay with you as long as it takes. Our reps are all about building relationships… so why not get started?

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