How do I Download Videos to Watch Later when I am Offline – Advantages of Offline Video Access

Many people now watch videos online. However, there are instances when you wish to watch a video offline. It might be when you want to relax by watching a film in a public place that does not have Wi-Fi access. For practically everyone with Internet access, YouTube is the default video streaming source. It has it all, and then some, whether it’s movie trailers, live events, comedy routines, tutorials, or a Web series. However, having the option to watch videos offline comes in useful when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi or data connection. There are many free video downloader tools to download the video and watch it offline easily.

How to download videos on my laptop without a subscription.

Using a piece of a free Video Downloader tool online is one of the simplest ways to download a video. There is a lot of free and straightforward software available; all you have to do is copy the link of the video, and you can save it on your computer for offline viewing. These free video downloader tools may even download content from any channels you subscribe to on an automatic basis.

How to watch YouTube videos offline

It’s worth noting that stored videos will only be accessible within the YouTube app. Go to the homepage to find the file. On Android, you can do so by dragging the video down using gestures or simply clicking the back button.

Click the Account tab once you’re on the home page (the right-most corner that looks like a human body).


A free video downloader tool may download videos to your phone without requiring a premium subscription. You can paste the URL or type keywords into the search box, selecting the MP4 video download format and clicking the “Download” button.

Some easy steps to download a video for offline viewing

  • You must first open any free video downloader on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to make a video available offline.
  • Enter the keywords for the video you’re looking for in the search box.
  • In the case of YouTube, go to the video file you wish to download. Look for the icon that says “Add to Offline” below the video; alternatively, click the context menu button and select the Add to Offline option.
  • If the video isn’t available for offline watching, the Add to Offline option will be crossed. You are unable to download such a video to your device.
  • The video will begin downloading in the background once you’ve picked the video quality. The blue Downloaded tick indicates that the video is now available for watching offline.

While watching a video, you can store it for later viewing by tapping the Download button (down arrow) below the video title. It will also prompt you to select the video quality in this situation.

When you click the Add to Offline button, the YouTube app will prompt you to choose the file’s resolution (Low, Medium, or HD). Low-quality files will download quickly and take up less space on your device, but they will be lower quality.


Advantages of Offline Video Access

App Independence

Apps, in general, rely on the internet to work. When you add offline mode functionality to your tool, you reduce your program’s need on the internet. Previously, for any tool to work, users needed to have access to the internet. That is no longer true. To utilize your tool independently, your user only has to have it downloaded. You can download videos from any free video downloader software.

Saving your data

People either don’t want to use their data for streaming videos or are on the go and don’t always have access to Wi-Fi. Thus, offline video viewing remains a popular option. Offline streaming is available from Netflix, Hulu, and even YouTube, allowing consumers to watch videos and movies they’ve downloaded when they’re not connected to the internet.

Saving your phone’s battery life

One of the best benefits of your video downloader tool’s offline mode is how much battery it manages to save. Because of the substantial internet load that tools require to function, users complain about battery drain after using their smartphones for a while.

If you’re using a video downloader tool while travelling, having too much battery use is a real pain. That is not the case with URL video downloader tools that have an offline mode. Instead of wasting the user’s battery, this feature will save it.

Fast loading

Your user won’t have to deal with a slow app interface that takes a long time to load if they don’t have access to the internet. This offline mode not only saves you money and data but also saves you time.

The loading time is bound to accelerate now since there isn’t anything that can slow it down. Despite having a slow internet connection, the offline mode enables users to access all the video downloader tool’s capabilities.


To sum up this, you can download videos to watch later when offline through any free video downloader tool. There are the steps to follow to download the videos either on phone or laptop, mentioned above. Also, there are many advantages of offline video access, which are described in detail in this article.