How To Get Started With a Smart Home Makeover

At Solid Signal, we know smart home technology is all the rage. But if you don’t feel comfortable with the gadgets of our modern age, you may not know how to start integrating these services and devices into your life. Never fear, everyone has to learn, and the information below can help get you up close and personal with 21st-century innovations.

Things To Know

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to think about what you want out of your smart home. If you are buying, talk to your agent about starting with homes that already have smart features built in. When you make this a priority from the beginning, you should have no problem finding a property that meets or exceeds your needs. Next, you also want to think about security. If your current or future home isn’t already set up for the digital age, you’ll need to look for ways to protect your devices as well as your networks. This is especially important if you work from home. Cybersecurity, which includes things like guarding against hacking, viruses, and identity theft, is a top priority.

Best Beginner Projects

When you’re setting up a smart home, there are a few projects that can help you ease into the process. A few of these are:

  • Extended Wi-Fi. Your first purchase should be Wi-Fi extenders. These are devices that plug into outlets throughout your home and amplify your wireless connection. You may hear the term repeater, extender, or booster when looking for a device to expand your wireless signal. Don’t let the jargon confuse you as these are all essentially the same thing.
  • Home hub. A smart home hub is basically your center of operations. While many of your devices may be accessed via your mobile phone, a smart home hub allows you to control them from one location, and often using just your voice. When you are just starting out, the Amazon Echo Dot. It’s affordable and integrates with your Amazon account.
  • When energy efficiency is your key objective, smart lighting cannot be beat. These are not only controllable using your phone, smart device, or home hub, they can help you save money by adjusting the output of light you need in different situations. Many are also designed to last for years, so you’ll save money on replacement light bulbs.
  • Temperature control. Your home’s heating and air unit is another place where smart technology can save you money. There is almost an endless array of smart and programmable thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature at your leisure. You might, for example, keep your home warm during the day to save on electricity but kick the AC on an hour before you come home to ensure everyone’s comfort.
  • A smart outlet, or smart plug, gives you the freedom to control any electrical outlet remotely. This is highly beneficial when you are away from home as it means you can turn your lights or appliances on or off at will. If you’re on vacation, for example, you can turn the TV on to deter burglars.

This is just a small list of smart technology available for your home today. But it’s a good start, and a great way to dip your toes into the proverbial waters of the digital age. Once you get comfortable being fully wired, you can move on to smart appliances and other major purchases.

If you’re ready to take smart home technology to the next level, turn to Solid Signal for a variety of smart home devices that can help you save money and stay safe and comfortable.

Image via Pexels