How to Improve Cell Reception at your Business

Having weak cellular signals can cause a lack of productivity as well as a lot of frustration. In the current age, communication has become a primary need for our existence. Considering the scenario where most people are connected virtually and working remotely throughout the globe, a good communication infrastructure is essential.

There can be various causes for bad cell reception at any location may it be your residence or workplace. The service provider may promise coverage on paper. However, there is still no guarantee of signal reception in reality.

Reasons such as distance from cell towers, geographic or structural interference, electronic, magnetic, or other devices that interfere with signals can be the reason for bad coverage. There are also factors like mountains, tall buildings, metal structures, bad weather, thick walls, etc., that can be a cause of bad signal reception at your location.

Causes for bad Cell phone signals:

Although multiple reasons come in to play for bad cell signal reception, however, there are two main causes for poor signals:

  1. Localized poor coverage
  2. Geographical distance/ obstacles between cell towers

If you are expecting to get a signal through a signal repeater in the middle of a desert or on the other side of the mountain, it won’t be of any use. However, using a signal repeater in a building surrounded by other buildings can be useful.

You can control some of the factors that can be a cause of disrupted signals. There are various ways you can get rid of internal clutter causing bad signal strength. If you are facing bad signal reception at your end, there are a few ways through which you can improve the cell reception at your business. Read the tips mentioned below to help improve the signal strength at your business location:

1.     Get A Cell Phone Signal Booster

The first thing you can do for better cell signal reception is to get a signal booster. The Federal Communications Commission also recommends using a signal booster as it is reliable, affordable, and distributes the signal equally in your vehicle or office space.

If you have an existing outside signal, then it is a great option to get a signal booster and use it to amplify the cell signals. Some of the top signal boosters are mentioned below:

2.     Use WiFi Calling

The workplace requires a lot of calls, and with bad signal strength, there can be a disconnect between teams. Although using WiFi calling is not a solution, but you can alternatively use online calls for a stable connection and to avoid any issue regarding communication.

3.     Update Your Software

The updates you often receive on your mobile devices are important and shouldn’t be ignored. These updates are essential for phone connections with the towers and similar updates. Ideally, you must update your phone as soon as you get a notification, and if for some reason you have it pending, then you must update it as soon as possible. Signal reception can improve if you regularly update your mobile devices.

4.     Voice And Data Settings

Another tip to improve your data connection is by switching from 4G LTE to 3G. Sometimes the data is overloaded with several devices connected; you can turn off the 4G LTE for some time and switch to the slower but for that time being faster 3G connection.

5.     Move Closer To A Window

Not always, but at certain locations, building materials including brick, block, siding, or sheet metal cause hurdles in signal reach and reception. This is the reason why most people tend to move towards the outside if they face any difficulty in the transmission of signals.

6.     Move To Higher Ground

If it is possible for you, then move to a higher level of the building to get better signal reception. The higher you go, there will be fewer obstructions in your vicinity and hence the better signal reception. Hurdles such as buildings, towers, mountains, etc., can cause disruption in the signal reception, and moving to higher levels mostly improves the signal strength.

7.     Remove Trees & Bushes

One thing that you must realize is that for better signal reception, you must remove obstacles between the cell tower and your location. Hence, it is recommended that you clear the location and remove obstacles around your office building.

If it is covered with trees and bushes, then you must clear the way so that there are no obstacles that can be the cause of bad reception. If you can remove the trees, you must do it; otherwise, trim the overgrown bushes.

8.     Passive Systems

Passive systems are used for better signal transmission and are used for smaller and indoor premises. Mostly coaxial cables are used in these systems and other components that do not require AC or DC power for functionality.

Passive systems work smoothly for areas less than 100,000 square feet. Radiofrequency is used by passive systems to evenly distribute signals throughout the building. However, passive systems are difficult and costly to maintain for a longer period of time.

9.     Switch To A Carrier That Has Better Coverage In Your Area

Solid Signal is an AT&T Preferred Dealer which specializes in providing the best quality service. AT&T’s vast network will help you get great reception no matter where you are.

Carpet Cleaning Maidstone, an England-based carpet cleaning business, suggests the location has a huge role in signal reception at your business location.

Despite following all the tips, if you still face issues regarding signal reception, then it is better to switch to another network that has better signal reception at your location. You can ask people around for a better opinion about which network works best in your location.

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