Dish outside… TV inside. In a permanent installation you would drill through the wall and use approved connection points to try to make everything look good and clean. What about an RV or apartment installation?

That’s where our Eagle Aspen FC300LX flexible flat cable comes in. It will pass through windows and allow the window to close almost completely yet it gives you full antenna or satellite signal. That’s how it is designed. It’s perfect for tailgate parties, long TV trips, or even apartment dwellers who don’t want to drill through property walls.

Installation is incredibly easy. Connect your regular cables to each end, pass it through the window and close the window! That’s all there is to it. It’s so thin that the window can close easily. How cool is that?

No more compromising between keeping the inside at a comfortable temperature and getting your favorite TV shows. No more fear that you’re leaving a window open all night or while you’re away. This is the perfect solution for cell boosters, too: it works with cellular antennas that use an “F” connection so you can fish the antenna line out the window!

The price is right, so why not pick up several of these and store them in a drawer for when you need them? It’s true that they are more delicate than a regular cable so it might be a good idea to keep a few spares.

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Stuart Sweet
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