IMPORTANT C31 Genie Client tip!

Did you get your C31 Genie Client? If you’re one of the many people who’ve ordered from us recently, thank you! We’ve got an important tip to share.

Just like any DIRECTV receiver, the C31 requires activation. Since it doesn’t have an access card, the process is a litle different but it involves calling into the number provided with your Genie Client. You should be prepared to read the serial number of your Genie Client, and you should be advised of the monthly fee associated with an RVU client.

If you do not have whole-home service on your account now, you must make sure it is added when you activate the C31 Genie Client! Whole-home service is required even if you have only the HR34 Genie DVR and the Genie Client. We have heard several reports of people whose Genie Clients didn’t work properly and the problem was simple: no whole-home service on the account. Whole-home service costs an additional $3 per month and gives you the ability to share programming with any DIRECTV devices in your home.

Before you get off the phone with DIRECTV, confirm that your account has whole-home service activated as well as activating the C31 Genie Client… you’ll be glad you did.

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Stuart Sweet
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