Is your RV ready for the spring?

I bet your RV got a lot of use last year. Maybe you were a first-time RVer in the summer of ’20, enticed by the ability to look at a different landscape while staying safe. Maybe you’ve been part of the RV culture for decades and last year was just like any other for you. (At least in that sense.) But, you might have parked that RV away after the good weather left, and it’s been sitting there all winter.

Spring is around the corner

Or so they say. Is it me or is it impossible to believe in any sort of common sense for weather anymore? But hey, that’s a topic for another article. Let’s all agree that spring starts on the calendar on March 21, and if that day happens to be 85 degrees, or zero degrees, it’s still spring.

With the coming of spring we all naturally start to look around at the chores that need to be done. Hopefully you left that RV in pretty good shape in the fall and all you need to do now is check the air pressure in the tires and do some mild cleaning. But, while you’re at it, why not do a few upgrades?

Seriously, a tube television?

The world of tube televisions and standard definition TV ended for most of us about 15 years ago. But for whatever reason, the RV industry was slow to embrace this change. I never quite understood that since flat televisions are better on space utilization. But let’s be honest, there a still a lot of RVs out there rockin’ VCRs and tube TVs. Now’s the time for you to change all of that.

You can get (relatively) small televisions at incredible prices. Now is the time to do it, because the prices are so low that it’s not likely they’ll be around for long. Most folks who buy TVs today are looking for a 50″ or larger model and that would be a tough fit in an RV. Maybe you could mount it to the ceiling, but that’s about it. But you might find that a 24-27″ model fits easily, Best of all you can find easy and secure ways to mount it using parts from Solid Signal.

Another big upgrade: a cell booster

Satellite TV is still very popular for RVs, but increasingly, people are turning to streaming while they’re enjoying entertainment on the road. There’s only one problem with that… the reception inside the RV might not be that great. All that wiring and the metal frame of the RV might be blocking that signal. Another surprising culprit might be all the varnish on those wood cabinets. Surprisingly hardwoods and polyurethane coatings can block cell signals almost as effectively as metal.

That’s why you need to consider a vehicle cellular signal booster. You’ll find several great options from weBoost, including ones specifically designed for RVs. These devices provide awesome cell signal inside the whole RV for everyone in the family. Best of all, once you buy and install one, there’s nothing more to pay. Combine this with an unlimited data plan from AT&T, and you have the makings of an on-the-road entertainment powerhouse.

Get what you need, and get advice from an expert

There are so many things you can do to make your RV life better. It’s limited only by your time, imagination, and budget. Why not make the best of the time and money you have? Call an expert at Signal Connect. They can help you with everything you need to make your RV life the best it can be. They can start with making sure your cell plan is up to the challenge, then recommend all the upgrades you’ll need for this year’s travels. It’s easy to get started! Just call Signal Connect at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours. If it’s after hours, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you, usually within a business day.

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