IT Manager? Meet your new best friend, the cell phone signal booster

Here’s a match made in heaven: IT Managers and cell phone signal booster. No, that’s probably not what you think of when you think of that kind of match. But read on, and I’ll explain why every IT manager should be pushing for a cell phone signal booster at the office.

First, here’s what a cell booster is

A cell booster is a device that takes cell signal from outside, amplifies it, and brings it inside. Today’s commercial buildings are designed to be energy efficient. They use UV coatings on windows, aluminum studs, and a lot of other tricks to save energy. These same tricks also do a great job of blocking cell signals. That’s why there are so many dead spots around the office.

Isn’t that the facilities manager’s problem?

If you’re a large enough company, you probably have a separate person who handles facility maintenance. That person should be in charge of installing and configuring a cell booster, right? Absolutely right. But IT managers should be pushing for cell boosters. Why? Because it’s in their best interest. I’ll admit, in most businesses the IT person and the facilities person don’t get along really well. But in this case there’s a common foe, and it’s worth it for the two of them to come together in a common cause.

Here’s why the IT Manager should care

The cure for bad cell service in the office is usually Wi-Fi Calling. Pretty much every phone today will make calls over Wi-Fi if the cell service isn’t terribly good. Yes, it’s a very workable solution that keeps everyone happy. Well, almost everyone. It’s true that phone calls don’t take up a lot of bandwidth. But, once employees are on your Wi-Fi, they’re using it. They’re streaming during lunch. They’re getting sports scores. And, while one person making calls over Wi-Fi isn’t much of a strain on your system, what about 100 of them? That ends up sucking a lot of bandwidth. When people start relying on Wi-Fi, they’ll want more routers and access points. That’s more wiring, more cost, and more problems.

Or, you put in a cell phone signal booster

Cell phone signal booster systems can be configured for spaces from 100 to 100,000 square feet. They work silently, day after day, with practically no maintenance needed. Larger systems might need to be checked now and again to make sure they are working optimally, but for the most part this isn’t a lot of stress on the facilities manager or the IT manager.

With good, strong cell service available everywhere in the building, the IT manager is then free to say “no” to requests for company Wi-Fi. People will be more than happy to use their phones on the cellular network, and why wouldn’t they be?

When you’re ready to talk about a cell phone signal booster system for your office, call the experts at Signal Connect. We’ll help you choose the right system and recommend self-install or professionally installed options. We’ll help you get your cellular network coverage as strong as your wired network coverage.

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