Kids in the house? Satellite beats streaming, and here’s why

This time of year there’s an excellent chance you’ll see a group of kids in the house. After all, in the northern half of the country there’s only so much time your kids are going to want to be outside. Who could blame them?

So, you’re going to find yourself trying to entertain a bunch of kids, and let’s face it this is not 1973. They don’t want board games and they don’t want coloring books. (You may want those things, but they don’t.) What they want is electronic entertainment. That’s how kids stay busy today and you may not like it but that doesn’t mean it’s not true.

So, your home internet is pretty robust, I’m sure. Most people today are pulling 35-50 megabit at the least. Maybe you’ve even upgraded your router or added a Wi-Fi access point so that you have better coverage. That’s great and all but if you’re hosting 6 kids, all streaming, and so are all the neighbors, well there has to be a limit. Sooner or later everyone’s service slows to a crawl.

That’s where you get to be the hero with satellite television. Unlike streaming, satellite TV doesn’t care how many people are using it. You could have people watching different shows in every room of the house (at least, every room with a TV and a satellite receiver.) It wouldn’t make a difference. There are more channels on satellite than on any other service, and that includes up to one hundred channels of live pay-per-view entertainment that doesn’t use up your precious internet connection.

Satellite TV is perfect for kids, much better than streaming, and I can lay it out for you in two words: parental controls. Give the kids an internet connection and let’s be honest, there’s no telling where they’re going to go. The internet is full of tons of things you might not want your kid to see. You might have your own kid’s devices locked down but what about their friends? You don’t want to be “that parent,” do you? The one who lets the kids get away with murder? You sure don’t. With satellite TV you set the rules. Tell your satellite receivers that they can’t show anything more racy than “TV-Y” and then set a password. That’s it… the kids can’t get into trouble watching TV. I mean, they’ll get into trouble other ways, because they’re kids. But TV-wise, you’re covered.

If you don’t have satellite TV yet, call Solid Signal’s operators at 888-233-7563 during east coast business hours and we’ll get everything all ready for you. We’re authorized for DIRECTV and DISH and we’ll get you the best packages at the best prices. We’ll get all the equipment you need and even set up installation for you. You don’t need to call anyone else.

If you already have satellite TV, well that’s one less thing to worry about this winter. And honestly, one less thing to worry about is a pretty nice feeling about now, isn’t it?

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Stuart Sweet
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