How can I show only local items on my playlist? (Genie new menus)

DIRECTV’s new menu system is rolling out to Genies across the country. As a result longtime DIRECTV users find themselves looking for many of the same options they’ve used in the past. Most of them are still there. and the whole menu system has been rearranged to bring the most commonly used options up to the forefront. It’s easier than ever to search, sort your playlist, or filter your recordings. However, some settings have become harder to find.

Filter the DIRECTV playlist

If you have an HR44 or HR54 Genie, you may also have other receivers in your home. (The HS17 Genie 2 does allow for 7 TVs at the same time but doesn’t let you have any other receivers.) In the past it was very easy using the YELLOW button or the DASH button. You could choose “Local Playlist” or “All” and then you could see only the programs recorded on this DVR (instead of the other DVRs in your home.)

The DASH button has been taken over for searching, and the ZERO button is used now as a replacement. However, the ZERO button only changes the order of the playlist, nothing else. There is still a way to filter the playlist, but it isn’t easy to find.

Playlist Share Settings

There is a menu called “Playlist Share Settings” that is used for this purpose, and it takes some button pressing to get to it.

Press the LIST button to show the playlist.

Arrow to the left to get to the side menu.

Arrow down to “Manage Recordings.” Press SELECT.

Arrow down, and keep arrowing down even when you’re at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll see the Playlist Share Settings at the bottom. Press SELECT.

Finally, you’ll see the setting for “Show Recordings From.” This is where you can choose to limit the playlist to just local recordings.

When you’re done press EXIT to get back to live TV.

What if it’s not there?

There have been some reports by people who say the option is there on the Genie DVR but not on the individual clients. Unfortunately this seems to be a bug at this time and will probably be addressed. If you don’t have the Playlist Share Settings menu there aren’t a lot of options.

You can go to the “other DVR”…

Go to the other DVR or DVRs in your house, and if they are still on the old menus go to Menu>Settings and Help>Settings>Whole Home and turn off “Share Recordings.” In the new menu just go to Menu>Settings>Whole Home.


Unfortunately the old workaround of putting a band stop filter in front of the receiver won’t work. That will limit ALL your access and the client won’t connect at all.

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