Make your DIRECTV guide faster with this tip!

I laugh when I remember how DIRECTV’s new user interface, released in 2011, was expected to be “lightning fast.” I remember then-CEO Michael White saying it would be as fast as scrolling in a spreadsheet. It is actually faster than the one that came before it, but “lightning” isn’t a word most of us would use to describe it. It’s ok, but it’s not incredibly zippy.

There’s a quick fix, though, that might at least make it a little faster for you. When you press the Channel Down button on the remote to go down a full page at a time, you’re treated to a little scrolling animation. It’s nice and all but if it were gone, would you miss it? There’s an easy way to find out.

While you’re watching live TV, take the following steps:

  1. Press {MENU].
  2. Arrow down to “Settings & Help” and press {SELECT}.
  3. Make sure “Settings” is highlighted and press {SELECT}.
  4. Arrow to “Display” and press {SELECT}.
  5. Make sure “Preferences” is highlighted.

There, at the lower right, you’ll see an option for “Scrolling Effects. Arrow to it and press {SELECT} and you’ll have the choice to turn them off. Make sure your choice is highlighted, and press {SELECT} one more time.Press {EXIT} to go to live TV, or {GUIDE} to go straight to the guide

This will save you a little bit of time every time you scroll through the guide. It’s not much, but if you’ve felt like looking through the guide is an incredible chore, maybe this will help just a tiny bit.

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