Marine Satellite TV: DIRECTV or DISH

DIRECTV and DISH are the most popular providers of marine satellite TV in the U.S. As a marine electronics installer, do you know which one is best for your clients?

DIRECTV or DISH Network? One of your clients might ask you which is best for their marine satellite TV installation. If you want to provide total and complete service to your clients, you’d better be able to recommend the right satellite TV provider to your customers. When it comes to marine satellite systems, there are subtle differences between DIRECTV and DISH Network. Understanding these differences is the key to recommending the right satellite TV installation for each client.

The Marine Satellite Experts
To help marine electronics installers, I’ve recruited two satellite TV service experts – David Ross and Josh Weiss. These two gentlemen work for Signal Connect, our affiliate company that specializes in satellite TV sales and activation. During his many years serving the maritime industry, David has built a solid base in Florida’s yachting industry. Josh is a trusted marine expert whose clients include one of the country’s biggest tug and tanker fleets and many of the largest yachts. When it comes to knowing which service to recommend for marine satellite installations, they don’t get any better than these two.

David and Josh said that DIRECTV and DISH Network each has its own unique strengths. Understanding these strengths – and your customer’s satellite TV needs – is key to recommending the right marine satellite TV provider. The following is a list of DIRECTV and DISH’s unique selling points. Ask your clients some questions to get the best idea of what they need, then use this list to see which service is best for them. Cross reference the knowledge you gain from your client with the points and this list and you’ll have a customer who’s pleased with their choice in marine satellite TV.

When it comes to a satellite TV for boats comparison, here are the strengths of DIRECTV and DISH Network:

  • Sports/DIRECTV: If you have who loves sports, then DIRECTV is the solution. Why? Because DIRECTV is the only provider with NFL Sunday Ticket viewing package. It’s also the only provider with packages that give you every baseball, hockey, and basketball game. For installations such as these, we recommend any KVH HD7 or Intellian S6HD satellite dome and any DIRECTV receivers including the H24H25, and Genie equipment.
  • Mexico to Costa Rica/DISH: Does your client frequently travel from Mexico to Costa Rica? If so, they need to know that DISH network’s U.S. footprint covers more of the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico than DIRECTV. While this programming is technically intended for use inside U.S. jurisdiction, it can be received in these international waters. You’ll get reception through most of this area, while DIRECTV’s signal barely reaches past the coast. For installations such as these, we recommend any KVH HD7 or Intellian S6HD satellite dome, and VIP 211K or VIP 612 receivers.
  • Oil Rigs/DIRECTV: If you’re installing satellite TV on an oil rig, then DIRECTV is the way to go. The satellite provider offers an account for oil rigs that includes any vessels that transport oil. This account allows the purchase of local channels on the east and west coasts, which is huge with people who work on these vessels. DIRECTV also has a special department designed to handle oil rig accounts. For installations such as these, we recommend any KVH HD7 or Intellian S6HD satellite dome and any DIRECTV receivers including the H24H25, and Genie equipment.
  • Equipment Options/DISH Network: DISH has HD programming spread across three satellites that all use the same technology. This means your client can purchase a less expensive dish, point at a single satellite, and receive a subset of the available HD programming. DIRECTV uses a different technology for two of its three satellites. This technology is incompatible with other worldwide satellite services, so your client will need a bigger, more expensive dish if they choose DIRECTV as their provider. These installations typically require any KVH HD7 or Intellian S6HD satellite dome, and the VIP 211KWally612, or 722 receiver.
  • No Contract/Both: Do you have customers who don’t like contracts? Both satellite TV providers have options that don’t involve signing agreements. DIRECTV offers its satellite service without any contract. This means your client can cancel at any time or suspend their satellite TV account when they’re not using the boat. DISH Network’s Flex Plan allows people to pay for their satellite TV services as they go. Either of these options are great for anyone who’s not comfortable with contracts.

Satellite TV for Boats Comparison
Now, when your clients ask which satellite TV provider they should use, you’ll be able to give them a recommendation with confidence. I’d like to thank our marine satellite experts David Ross and Josh Weiss for their help with this article. In addition to their marine satellite knowhow, these two help installers like you in many ways. David and Josh can get your marine satellite TV accounts activated quickly, easily, and at no cost to you. Just call 844.838.2375 to learn more about how Signal Connect helps marine electronics installers.

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