IT’S A MYTH: Do cell carriers want you to have poor service indoors?

Tell me if you’ve heard this one. Supposedly AT&T, Verizon, and other cellular carriers don’t want you to put a cellular signal booster into your office. The cell booster doesn’t make them any money and it increases the traffic to their cell sites, which are already overloaded. The story goes on to say that cell carriers design their coverage maps to make sure people inside get a great signal but people inside, well they’re on their own.

Except, that’s a load of horsehockey.

Speaking at a recent webinar, executives from both Verizon and US Cellular confirmed that when they plan their cell coverage for an area they consider indoor users as well as outdoor users. There is no secret conspiracy to stop you from using your phone inside your office, it’s just that buildings themselves are not really designed to let cell signals in.

In past years, if you worked in a very large office building, you would probably contract directly with a cell company to try to get cell coverage indoors, and in a lot of cases the cost to you was very small. However, in recent years those “sweetheart deals” have dried up and the feeling today is that it’s up to the building owners themselves to provide good cell coverage. This might be part of the reason that it’s taking a little longer to make sure everyone has a good signal.

However, I think everyone (even the most miserly building owner) realizes how important cellular service is. An in-building cellular signal booster like the ones you can get from SolidSignal is the best way to make sure that all phones are getting great signal, not just the ones from one carrier. It’s also a lot less expensive than working with a carrier today, and it takes less time jumping through hoops.

If you get poor reception at your desk, you really need to find a way to explain to the building owner or facilities manager about a cellular booster system. It’s as important as a coffee machine or an internet connection, at the very least. When they’re ready, have them call Solid Signal at 888-233-7563 for a custom-designed system that will meet their expectations and their price point.

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Stuart Sweet
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