MYTHS BUSTED: How does the C41W Wireless Genie Mini connect?

If you’ve been jonesing for that new C41W Wireless Genie Mini you might have been wondering how it all works. The good news is that once the Wireless Genie Mini is hooked up it’s pretty much hands-off, even if you change your router or your computer.

The Wireless Genie Mini DOES NOT connect to your home Wi-Fi.
You don’t even need to have internet service to use a Wireless Genie Mini, although it does give you some extra features. The Wireless Genie Mini uses a Wireless Video Bridge to connect to your coax network and that’s how it communicates with your Genie DVR.

The Wireless Genie Mini DOES NOT connect over Wi-Fi to your Genie DVR.
This is confusing to some people, because the HR44 Genie DVR does have built-in Wi-Fi, but the Wireless Genie Mini doesn’t use it. The Wi-Fi in your Genie DVR is only used for connecting to the internet, not to the Wireless Genie Mini. That’s why it’s ok to use an HR34 DVR with a Wireless Genie Mini even though the HR34 doesn’t have Wi-Fi.

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