Why do you need Bluetooth in your PC?

True story, this happened to me. After getting a new PC for work, I found the wireless mouse it came with to be… well, a little lacking. It was kind of big and horsey and just didn’t look as cool as the rest of my setup. Face facts here folks, I’m on my computer 12-14 hours a day, and I think I deserve a nice work environment, don’t you?

I settled on a mouse that was not only smaller and cooler looking, but also had a touch surface on the top for easy scrolling, much like my all-time favorite, Apple’s Magic Mouse (see, that mouse isn’t fully supported for PCs, and I’ve moved to a PC since I started blogging for Solid Signal.) I ordered me a new mouse, and when it came…

Yep, I was disappointed. Turns out it’s a Bluetooth mouse and I didn’t have Bluetooth in my PC. So there I was with the mouse I really wanted and no way to use it.

Here’s the answer

That’s when I discovered this Bluetooth dongle. Before I did, I wasted my money on a cheap one I found on eBay that kept dropping connection even though the mouse was literally inches from the adapter. What a waste of money that was With the Iogear, though, the connection was quick, easy, and I had no problems whatsoever. I’ve been using the mouse ever since.

I’ll admit that I bought this dongle from another source, but in the months since, I’ve brought it to Solid Signal at a great price so that you all can have the same experience I have. Since adding Bluetooth to my PC I’ve also been able to pair a wireless headset so I can go through teleconferences without looking like I’m wearing some 80s knockoff headphones, and even patched in a Bluetooth speaker for when I do actually want everyone to hear. I found something out. Eerything that works with Bluetooth, from keyboards to mobile devices, will pair with it. Honestly, it’s one of those little investments I can’t believe I didn’t make earlier.

The part you need

I hope you’ll take a look at the Bluetooth dongle. It plugs into any USB port, even ones on a USB hub, and if you have Windows Vista or later, installation is totally automatic because modern versions of Windows already support Bluetooth technology. From there, it’s a matter of going to your control panel or system tray, clicking on the Bluetooth icon (it looks something like this)

and adding the devices. This is a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle. It won’t work with some of the very latest headphones. But it’s going to work with practically anything else you give it.  In most cases you won’t even have to enter a passcode to pair your devices. Super easy, I’m telling you.

It was one of those purchase I can’t live without now that I’ve made it. How about giving it a try?

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