Do you need a cellular signal meter?

If you’re looking for the ideal spot to put your own cell booster antenna, a signal meter is a great choice. This CMMETER from SureCall gives you deep detail on the frequencies you’re getting and how strongly you’re getting them.

But let’s be honest, are you going to use it more than once?

For homeowners, I actually recommend skipping the meter. Most phones actually have built-in meters and although they’re very basic, you can usually turn cellular data on and off to know whether or not you’re getting that LTE signal or a voice signal. Borrow a friend’s phone who’s with a different carrier and you’ll get an even better picture of what’s going on.

Friends, this meter is designed for people who make a living out of installing cellular signal boosters. If you’re an electrician, home theater installer or anyone whose paycheck depends on installing electrical equipment, this is a great device to have in your bag. You’re going to be traveling to different customers, doing a full survey to figure out where to put a cellular antenna and most importantly you don’t ever want to come back because the booster isn’t working “as advertised.” If you’re that kind of person, a meter goes from being an expensive toy to being a must-have, pretty quickly. Just trying to use your phone isn’t going to cut in in a professional situation.

No matter how you measure cellular signal, the placement of the outdoor antenna is very, very important. It’s not good enough to just put it up on the roof and hope for the best. The antenna should be up at least 15 feet from the indoor antenna for the best results, and you should look at different sites to figure out where you’ll get the best reception. Even though a cell booster is very strong, you want to start with the strongest possible signal. Once you get up on the roof you may find there are areas where you get two or three bars where you were getting one bar down on the ground. This is usually due to trees between you and the towers. Dense foliage can really cut down on cell signals.

When you’re ready to shop for a cellular booster, take a look at the selection at Solid Signal and if you have questions, be sure to call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll be happy to recommend the solution that’s best for you!

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