NEW VIDEO: Changing the passwords on your gotW3 device

By now you’re probably beginning to understand my excitement for gotW3, the new product that turns a cell signal into wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. You might have even ordered yours already. There are two big questions about the product that I’ve gotten pretty consistently. So, I decided to make a video that addresses them both.

QUESTION ONE: Is it easy to set up?

Yes, it’s incredibly easy to set up. Your gotW3 device will come pre-activated and ready to use. Put it somewhere with good cell service and plug it into the wall. That’s literally all it takes.

When you get your device, turn it over and find the SSID and WIFI Key. They are listed at the bottom of the sticker. This is the information you’ll need to connect. The SSID is the network name you connect to, and the WIFI KEY is what you type in.

Uh, wait, what’s that thing that says “Password?”

That’s the password to get in to manage the device, not the password to connect. I think all the stickers are the same, which means that the password to connect is “1234567890” – for everyone.

QUESTION TWO: Is it secure?

Having the device ship with such easy-to-guess passwords will help you get up and running fast. And you may not care if the password is easy to guess. If you’re using your gotW3 in an RV or boat, and no one else is in Wi-Fi range, you probably don’t care. But if you’re working from home in a suburban neighborhood or urban apartment building, you probably don’t want someone to mooch off your Wi-Fi. And honestly, it’s pretty easy to get that default Wi-Fi password by googling it. (I’m probably not helping in that regard.)

So, it’s not a bad idea to set a new, secure Wi-Fi password. It’s very easy to do by logging into the router. The login password is also listed on that sticker, and it’s “admin.”

Talk to your IT department

If you’re working from home at the direction of your IT department, you definitely want to ask them before making changes to your gotW3 equipment. It’s always a good idea to involve them when you make this sort of change

Get the whole story

This video will tell you how to set a new Wi-Fi password, how to set a new password for your router, and how to reset the whole thing if everything goes horribly wrong. Push the reset button and hold it in for 5 seconds while the device is powered on and everything will reset. It’s easy.

If you have any other questions, ask us by using our Facebook Group! If you still don’t have your own gotW3, we still have plenty of them ready for immediate shipment. Start by learning more about the product and choose either the T-Mobile version or AT&T version, whichever one is best for your area. Order, and one of our staffers will call you to get you pre-activated so the router will be ready to use when you get it!

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