HITEC 2012: Focus on the Floodgate 4000 Series

Good business is all about options. We strongly recommend DIRECTV’s Residential Experience and COM1000 systems, but they aren’t for everyone. We took a look at the Floodgate 4000 series from Video Propulsion. Like the COM1000, it’s a modulator-based system that can re-encrypt HD programming and distribute it over a single coaxial cable.

However, while COM1000 is a small, enclosed system, Floodgate is designed to co-exist with existing video-on-demand and pay-per-view system. It also supports up to 60 channel sources and 6 private channels in an inexpensive system.

Representatives from Video Propulsion were on hand to talk about the system, and were quick to point out the lower cost of the system and its suitability to existing properties that already have large racks in place. The system supports all the major encryption protocols including Pro:Idiom and Samsung’s LYNK. Encryption is critical, because content providers insist that digital television be protected from unauthorized copying.

Content from over-the-air, DIRECTV and DISH systems can be used, and they also pointed out the easy-to-configure web-based interface and network monitoring to make sure that issues are detected early.

The system is available in three flavors depending on the number of channels that are required for the property. For more information, give us a call!

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Stuart Sweet
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