NICE AND EASY: How many cell phone signal boosters do you need for your home?

As I write this article, I’m aware that I have written close to 1,200 articles about cell phone signal booster technology. Which, you would think, would be enough for anyone. Yet, I keep thinking about new topics to educate and entertain you. Often times, these come from our customers. Here’s another one.

A recent customer called and asked about cell phone signal booster solutions. They were worried that they would need one booster for every device, and that the cost of putting them all in would be just too much.

Here’s some good news

In general, you only need one cell phone signal booster for your whole home. Typically, a cell booster will handle up to 32 devices at the same time, and this is going to be enough for your home. Even if you have more than 32 cellular devices … and let’s be honest you probably don’t … most of them would be data devices that can switch on and off as needed.

If you do think you’ll need to provide always-on boost for more than 32 devices at the same time, there are options for that. But let’s keep this confined to the home where that’s not likely to happen.

A little more detail

Cell phone signal boosters take weak signal from outside, amplify it, and rebroadcast it inside. They eliminate dead spots, making your voice calls clearer and your data transactions faster. They take away the need for Wi-Fi calling so you don’t have to share your networking info with your friends.

If you buy the right one, and install it properly, it’s going to cover pretty much your entire home in strong signal. Buying the right one is a matter of understanding not just the size of your home but also what it’s made of. If there’s a lot of metal in your walls (think wiring and conduits) you’ll need a stronger booster. The closer your home’s layout is to a perfect square, the better a booster will work. With a long, rectangular home you’ll need a booster strong enough to reach the far edges.

There’s more to consider too. Homes older than about 80 years may potentially have had lead paint in the walls at one time. Even though you’ve taken care of it, there can still be lead residue deep in the walls. Older hardwood floors can also block signals, too.

How can you know how much cell booster you need?

The more powerful cell boosters can be more expensive. Overall, cell phone signal boosters are a great value, though. A single booster, even a powerful one, costs less than a top-end cell phone. Often times, a lot less. Yet, that one booster will cover all the devices you’re likely to have in your home. It’s likely to outlast that new phone and the next three phones you buy. And, today’s boosters work with 4G and 5G signals, giving you peace of mind.

My advice to you is buy the best booster you can. You won’t regret it. If you’re not sure which one to buy, call us during East Coast business hours! We’ll be happy to go over the pros and cons of the many boosters we offer at Solid Signal. The number you want: 888-233-5763. If you’d rather shop directly, check out our great selection!

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