8 Holiday Gift Ideas for 2021

The holiday season is one of the best times to shop for technology. Do you have a tech enthusiast in your life?

Online gift ordering has seen a massive increase in recent years due to the Amazon Effect. With Amazon dominating over 60% of online sales, other retailers have also started prioritizing online deals and shopping.

As a consumer, you can benefit from this competition. Ultimately, prices are lower and deals are better. So, if you need some gift ideas for the gamer or techie in your life, look no further than this list.

Security Solutions

It’s likely your technically inclined loved one already knows about the importance of secure computer networks. Help them take safety a step further this holiday season by purchasing a gift to shore up their home security. Check out this curated list of recommendations.

1.   SimplySmartHome Complete Wireless Home Security System

Is your loved one looking for an entire home security system? The SimplySmartHome system is affordable, easy to install and wire-free. It features a mobile app that works on Android and Apple phones and monitors and records video.

2.   Ubiquiti UVC-G3-BULLET UniFi Video Camera

A more straightforward option than the complete SimplySmartHome system, the Ubiquiti is just a security camera. However, it’s a powerful safeguard against potential threats. The 1,080-pixels Ubiquiti camera offers superior resolution and can be mounted inside or outdoors.

3.   Lorex 8-Channel 4K High Definition With Four Bullet Security Cameras

If your loved one is ready to take security to the next level, consider the Lorex system. It features four cameras that record high-definition video both day and night. All cameras are fully rotational and link to phones and tablets for streaming and recording purposes.

4.   EnGenius EBK1000-1 EnGuardian Kit HD Camera and IoT Gateway

This is a perfect solution for security for a loved one with a small business. The EnGenius system allows you to monitor, record and archive video. It also has an integrated alarm that directly warns all linked smartphones of a problem.

Tablet Gift Ideas

What tech enthusiasts wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a new tablet or tablet-related accessory? Check out these recommendations.

1.   Getac 7-Inch Android 7.1 Tablet With Intel Atom x5z8350 Processor

Does your loved one tend to play tough with their technology? Consider buying a military-grade tablet from Getac. This rugged tablet has a three-year warranty and was built to survive 6-foot drops, as well as submersion in 1 meter of water for over 30 minutes.

2.   Mount-It Secure iPad Floor Stand With Document Holder for Eighth-Generation iPad

If your tech lover is a teacher or uses their tablets to create content, consider buying this gift for the holiday season. The Mount-It tablet floor stand secures the iPad while individuals use it to teach, present or reference their notes. The base of the model bolts to the floor for added safety, and the pole obscures wires and cables, giving a clean look for presentations.

3.   Getac 11.6-Inch Rugged Convertible Intel Core i5 Processor

Up the power in your tech lover’s life and gift them this Getac convertible tablet. Featuring a full backlit keyboard for ease of access, this gadget will up anyone’s game. It also comes with Getac’s standard three-year warranty and is backed with its promise to survive falls, rain, shock, dust and more.

4.   Mount-It Tablet Mount for Rear Passenger Seat

This is the perfect accessory for tablet users who spend a lot of time traveling in the car. The Mount-It device secures to any headrest, and the mount grips your tablet safely, freeing your hands and allowing for ergonomic tablet usage. It’s great for children streaming shows and adults working remotely.

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Take advantage of the technology deals during the holiday season and find the perfect gift for your family member or friend. You can’t go wrong with one of the home security or tablet gift ideas.

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