NICE AND EASY: Rack Mount A Genie DVR?

When you get really serious, you get an equipment rack. There was a time when all home theater equipment was designed to be rack mounted, or at the very least designed to look like it could be rack mounted. In time, equipment got smaller and the desire to keep things tidy overcame the desire to make things look industrial. DIRECTV’s equipment continues to shrink, with the HR44 Genie DVR currently taking the honors as the smallest full-featured DVR at least until the H44 comes around later this year.

If you are serious about rack-mounting a Genie DVR, you’ll have to be aware of its very unique cooling profile. The DVR itself is actually a few inches shorter than it looks, with the entire left and right sections being totally empty. This creates a conductive tunnel that helps air escape without the need for massive fans. It also means that the DVR vents from the top, bottom, and sides. Take a look at this closeup:

As you can see the vent holes are positioned very uniquely. I’ve personally run a Genie DVR sideways and it does work but I wouldn’t recommend it without plenty of airflow around it. If you’re thinking about rack mounting one I would put it up on small bumpers so that there is strong air flow around it and I would consider box fans on the back to extract the hot air from around the case. After all, noise isn’t really a consideration and the DVR will work much better in the long run with plenty of cool air.

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