NICE AND EASY: Can you run more than one receiver from a Carryout dish?

Yes, you can run two. The Carryout satellite dish from Winegard has two outputs for satellite receivers, so feel free to attach that second receiver! Note that both receivers should be on the same account (that’s the rule) and that you can’t mix DIRECTV, Bell and DISH receivers. Both receivers need to be for the same service.

Whether you’re using the new Carryout G2 or the older GM1518 carryout, all you have to do is connect a second receiver to the secondary output of the Carryout. Make sure that secondary output is capped with a terminator when it’s not being used.

If you need more than two receivers… some of our Solid Signal hobbyists have reported success with using a 3×4 multiswitch but this system is definitely not designed for that use so tread carefully there.

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