NICE AND EASY: Can you trade in DIRECTV equipment?

Well not exactly, no you can’t, but…

you sort of can.

DIRECTV does not have a “trade-in program” where you can send them your old receivers and get new ones at a discounted price, except, well, they sort of do. They just don’t call it that.

If you pay for DIRECTV’s protection plan, you can get new hardware every two years. If the receiver breaks before then, you get a new one before then. However, the protection plan does have a monthly cost and that will drive up your bill. A lot of people don’t choose to take advantage of it.

Even if you haven’t been paying for the protection plan, you have options. Solid Signal is a DIRECTV Authorized Dealer and we can help you figure out if you qualify for upgrades just based on the amount of time you’ve been a DIRECTV customer. A lot of standard-definition DIRECTV equipment will be obsolete in the next few years, and we’re all set to help you get your home theater up to date before that happens.

We can show you innovative ways to get all new equipment without spending a lot, and in some cases we can even show you how an upgrade can be completely free! We can check throughout DIRECTV’s systems to find the best deals for you, then send you new equipment and arrange for installation if you need it. By the way, unless your DIRECTV equipment is more than ten years old, it’s leased anyway, and it does need to be returned to DIRECTV. So, if you have to send your old equipment back and you get a discount on new equipment, isn’t that really a trade-in anyway?

It all starts with a call to Solid Signal at 888-233-7563. We’ll take you through the whole process, give you an idea of the costs (if any) and let you decide what to do.

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