NICE AND EASY: DIRECTV App problems fixed in two steps

DIRECTV’s app for tablets and smartphones is actually really good. Not that you should be surprised, of course. While it started out as a plain scheduler for recording programs to your home DVR, it’s become a powerhouse that gives you the ability to watch over 100 channels, stream 20,000 on demand programs, and control your home equipment. It also lets you offload content so you don’t need to worry about your cell phone plan.

But sometimes it… hiccups.

A recent string of updates has left some users with no ability to stream TV from their DVRs, use the app as a remote, or do the kind of next-level stuff that makes it so useful. DIRECTV seems to have fixed most of the problems with the latest update and hopefully that’s the end of that. But, if the app is still malfunctioning, there are two things you can do.

(1) Try, try again.
I know that Einstein said that it’s insane to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. But in this case, it could work. Some of the problems reported by users have been server-related, and that means that the problem could be fixed on its own. Give it a day or so to see if things just go back to normal as they should.

Remove and reinstall… after a while
Practically every problem with the app not working can be solved by removing it and reinstalling it. The trick is, you can’t reinstall it right away. Most people agree it takes about two days for DIRECTV’s servers to register that you’ve removed it, and in the meantime some of those hidden processes in your phone or tablet will also clean things up for you. If you don’t wait, it seems like some of the settings that got messed up will not get cleared.

Of course that means you’re without the app for a while but that’s the price you pay.

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