NICE AND EASY: What DIRECTV remotes work with what receivers?

There sure have been a lot of DIRECTV receivers since the service started in 1994. If you’re looking for a remote, however, you’ll want to know that the remote you choose will work with the receiver you have. Here’s an easy guide to help you figure things out!

Pre-2003 DIRECTV equipment
Most DIRECTV equipment made before 2003 will no longer work due to a change in the satellite transmission system. If you are still using an older DIRECTV receiver you’ll probably notice that you have no guide data and get frequent errors when you tune channels. If you’re a DIRECTV subscriber you should contact us at 888-233-7563 to see if we can help you with an upgrade. If you’re using the receiver for another purpose (for example to tune HDTV channels, you may be able to use our RCIR remote. It does work for most RCA, Sony, Philips, TiVo, and DIRECTV receivers made before 2003.

Standard Definition Receivers and DVRs (2003-Present)
Here the answers are a lot clearer. Standard Definition DIRECTV equipment can use the RCIR remote or the RC72 remote. If you have the R15 DVR and have already purchased the optional RF antenna, you can also use the RCIRRF remote to shoot through walls and doors. You can also use this remote if you have the R22 DVR.

[size=4High Definition Receivers and DVRs (2006-Present)[/size] You can use the RCIR remote or the RC72 remote on any HD receiver or DVR. You can also use the RCIRRF remote to shoot through walls and doors. If you have the H25 receiver, you need the optional antenna if you don’t have it.

HR44 Genie DVRs, C41 Genie Clients, and newer
You can use the RCIR remote or the RC72 remote remote on any Genie client or DVR. However, it is best to use the RC72 remote as it has built-in RF capabilities

Whichever receiver you have, it’s easy to upgrade your system with a new remote!

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