NICE AND EASY: Fix audio drops on DIRECTV

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally you’ll get short audio drops when watching live TV on a DIRECTV DVR. It’s not a sign of a real problem and it’s easy to fix by yourself. Generally changing the channel and changing it back will fix the problem but then of course you lose your live buffer. The answer is even easier.

All you need to do is back up about one second. Audio drops on live TV with a DIRECTV DVR are due to some issues with pulling video from the hard drive at the exact moment it’s being put down, and that’s what’s happening when you’re watching live TV but you started a program late. I would say, 99.9% of the time you don’t see a problem, but when you do, use either the rewind button or the replay button (the one just above it in this picture) to skip back a second or two. You won’t notice that you’re just the tiniest bit behind but the amount of “breathing room” your DVR gets is enough to stop the issue from happening.

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Stuart Sweet
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