NICE AND EASY: How many Broadband DECAs do you need for a SWM16?

Planning on a little DIY satellite upgrade? We’ve got the serious down-and-dirty tutorials that will help you plan it all, but between our SWM Upgrade White Paper, our Guide to Coax Networking and our White Paper for systems over 16 tuners, there’s close to 75 pages of information!! How about starting with something nice and easy?

When folks choose to upgrade their DIRECTV systems, most go from 8 to 16 tuners. 8 tuners gives you a Genie, a DVR and a receiver, but if you want more than that you need to jump to 16. That’s where this SWM-16 Multiswitch comes in handy. You can connect 8 tuners to each of its outputs for up to 16 receivers, or a Genie plus 5 DVRs.

If you’re a current DIRECTV customer looking to expand or if you’re looking to add network capability for the first time, you’ll want to add this DECA Broadband. Connect just this one part to your home internet and all your receivers will get a connection to on-demand, whole-home viewing, apps, Pandora and more.

The DECA Broadband (also called a Cinema Connection Kit) connects to an open port on any splitter that connects to your SWM16. You only need 1 DECA Broadband and it can connect to either SWM1 or SWM2. The SWM16 multiswitch has an internal “crossover” that lets the network connection flow between both ports.

It’s worth pointing out that SWM8 and SWM16 multiswitches have this crossover technology, while SWM32 multiswitches don’t. Getting an internet connection to all the receivers on a SWM32 requires a minimum of 4 DECA Broadband adapters, plus plenty of other hardware to make them talk together. That’s one of the reasons we don’t recommend the SWM32 multiswitch for home use.

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