TIP: Program your Genie Remote for your DIRECTV Ready (RVU) TV

With DIRECTV’s Genie DVR and a late model Sony, Samsung, LG or Toshiba TV, you can have an almost wire-free experience. The new are built to be “DIRECTV Ready,” meaning that you don’t even need a client box to get DIRECTV service… just an ethernet connection. However, the remotes that come with these TVs are not always that desirable, and that’s why DIRECTV offers this Genie Remote. This is the same remote that comes packaged with the HR44 Genie DVR and C41 Genie Mini Client.

These remotes don’t come pre-programmed for your TV, but the process for programming the remote is simple:

First, press {MUTE} and {SELECT} at the same time and hold them both down for about 3 seconds. Some people have reported that it easier to press {MUTE} first and {SELECT} almost immediately after that.

You will have to wait a few seconds and then the green light on the top of the remote will blink twice. (Note: if you are not pressing {MUTE} and {SELECT} together, the remote will blink with each button pushed… you still have to wait a few seconds for that double-blink to happen again.)

On the remote, press the following:

  • For a Samsung TV press 5 4 0 0 0
  • For a Sony TV, press 5 4 0 0 1
  • For a Toshiba TV press 5 4 0 0 2
  • For an LG TV press 5 4 0 0 3

The remote should now operate your TV properly. To reset the remote (if you want it to control a DIRECTV receiver) do the {MUTE}/{SELECT}/wait thing again and press 9 8 1. If you think you’ve pressed the wrong buttons or it doesn’t work, reset the remote and try again.

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