Protect your Brand’s Assets by Using Proxies: All You Need to Know

Your IP address is the reason why you are denied access to certain websites or why you have to prove that you are not a robot to different websites before you are allowed access. Whenever you send a request or input a search on the internet, the request first goes through a proxy server. The proxy server functions as a firewall and a filter. As a firewall, the proxy server helps to protect the website from threats, hacks, viruses, and any other form of cyber harm.

As a filter, the proxy server helps a website to select IP addresses that are accepted from the ones that have been programmed to be rejected. This is why you get an error message like “This site is not available in your region” when you want to enter some sites. There are different types of proxies but the one used by most brands in the residential proxy. Here are some of the reasons why residential proxy is commonly used.

Brand Protection

Residential proxies help companies to protect their brands. Companies can locate and fight people who try to duplicate their products or use their brand name to gain customers. An example would be a brand like Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola might find out that there is a company somewhere in another country that is selling cola drinks to the public and using Coca-Cola’s brand name and bottle to deceive customers, making them think it is the real Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola reserves the right to take up legal action against this company but this counterfeit company knows this. To protect themselves from litigation, the company will restrict access to their website for anyone trying to gain access from Switzerland where Coca-Cola’s group head office is located. A residential proxy will give Coca-Cola an IP address in the country where this company is located. That way, Coca-Cola can gather all the information they need to nail the company and drive it to the ground.

Testing Software and Monitoring Performance

When a company updates the features of its website or apps. Developers can use residential proxy to test how the software will perform in different locations around the world. They can also use the proxy to send in different requests from these locations to test how well the site or app will function when there is high traffic from different places. Other than testing updates on a site or app, a residential proxy can also be used to monitor the performance of a company’s website or application. In addition, it can be used to access all the information from different countries that is usually not available, such as the list of blocked websites in China. Developers can check how fast the software operates in different countries and use the information to make modifications.

Marketing and Advertisement

Constantly, companies will do website ads for people to see while browsing. These ads need to be tested before they are put on the different websites where we see them. With a residential proxy, a company can check how an online ad looks on mobile and desktop in specific locations or whether they even appear in these locations. When you are using your phone a lot for your work tasks, it is expected for the device to run out of battery very soon. That’s why in this note, it is good to mention that you should check Fast-Charge Wireless Charging Pad for a fast and a cable-free charging of your device.

A residential proxy also helps you determine how well your site is doing in terms of search engine optimization. You get to know if your website ranked high or low in search results. You can also hide your IP to scrape through websites of competitors, track their marketing activities, and compare their effectiveness with yours by hiring services of GEOnodes that use rotating residential proxies to protect your brand. An example of these services is GEOnode proxies.

Data Collection and Analysis

Over the years, companies have developed a means to collect and analyze data using crawlers that scan through a website and collect specific information. This data is put into use for sales, marketing, pitching, etc. Residential proxies allow the crawlers that gather this information to work successfully.


Residential proxies can help to spot discounts that are available in a particular location and allow you to utilize them, saving you some money.

Final word

The ability to act like real users from different parts of the world and send requests with an actual IP address is a tool that is very helpful to any company. Companies use residential proxies for the reasons mentioned above and more.

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