What’s the best internet option for a ranch?

Internet isn’t just a luxury anymore. One thing we’ve learned in the last 18 months is that it can be really important for all of us. Yet, while cities and suburbs often boast fast, modern internet systems, rural areas sometimes lag behind. In areas where population density is low, the cost to create infrastructure is high.

This can lead to a frustrating scenario. You may be in the most beautiful home with a sky painted in every color, filled with idyllic views of our nation’s plains, and unable to share those lovely pictures with others. The beauty of the moment may go unremembered, because it can’t be preserved.

Choosing a solution for rural internet

For those whose land supports them, it can be hard to get good internet. If you need acres of grazing land or huge parcels for crops, this may mean you’re isolated even if your closest neighbors have good service. It’s just the distance between your home and the road that might be creating the problem. Luckily there are options that have never been there before, and Signal Connect can help you with all of them.

Last mile internet from AT&T

AT&T covers the majority of the country with internet service, reaching from coast to coast and throughout the great land in between. Between AT&T itself and its local partners, there are few areas that are out of reach of some form of internet service from AT&T.

If your area is served by AT&T phone service, chances are it’s also served by AT&T internet. And while that landline phone isn’t going to help you get anything close to reasonable speed, AT&T can still help. There are “last mile” solutions available depending on your situation. In some cases you can be a mile or more from the closest internet fiber and still get service via radio. Solutions like this differ from location to location, but they are available.

Cellular internet is real and it’s spectacular

Do you get cell service in the house? If you get good cell service then you could be surfing the web speedily on every device. With a cellular signal booster system and cellular router, you can get fast internet and an improvement in your cell service at the same time! A sensitive antenna is pointed directly at the closest cell tower from a point high on your roof. This pulls in more signal than your phone can. This good, strong signal is brought into the house, amplified up to 100,000 times, and rebroadcast. For internet service, you can use a cellular router to get great high-speed internet on all your devices. Of course a Signal Connect representative can explain it all.

Satellite Internet: a great solution available nearly anywhere

Most people associate satellite internet with boats and truly out-of-the-way places. They also think of satellite internet as immensely expensive. There’s a lot more to satellite internet than you think. Satellite internet is less expensive than ever. It’s faster than ever, too. With a simple system that mounts almost anywhere outside, you can get fast internet at home. Connect satellite internet to any Wi-Fi router to share it with all your devices. Signal Connect has partnered with the biggest players in the industry to offer you the best solutions.

Coming soon: Fixed Wireless 5G

Right now, cell providers are focused on getting 5G to phones. But, as that buildout finishes, they’ll be moving toward the next step: fixed wireless 5G. Fixed Wireless Internet uses a dedicated antenna on your roof connected to a special router. This creates a secure internet system for your home that’s as fast as any wired connection. With fixed wireless internet, you could be 2-3 miles from a cell towe and still get blazing fast internet. It’s not here in the whole country, but it’s coming

There’s only one place to go for internet

Signal Connect is your one-stop source for internet service. As a dealer for the big boys like AT&T, Viasat, and others, they can help you find a solution that makes sense for you. For a personal recommendation, call 888-233-7563, or fill out the form below if it’s after East Coast business hours.

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