REST ASSURED: Televes’ US antennas filter out US LTE frequencies

There’s been some confusion here at the blog about the new Televes antennas we’ve been featuring heavily. It’s easy to understand why, because the story has changed since we first brought the line on in 2014.

Televes antennas are designed and built in Spain, and they’re the #1 brand in Europe, where people generally do not install their own antennas and expect an antenna to last for decades. When we first brought them to the US, we considered them to be a luxury brand, a niche product for people who were familiar with them from overseas. And you probably noticed we didn’t promote them much.

So what happened?

Your product team at Solid Signal has been working hard with the Televes folks to create an exciting, US-only antenna line. Every single one of the DAT790 and Diginova antennas at Solid Signal now features LTE filtering that specifically works with the frequencies used in the US. It has taken some time to get every single product ready for the US market but we’ve worked closely with the engineers at Televes to make sure we get it right.

The result is that you get a top-notch antenna at an unbeatable price. It wasn’t enough just to have high-quality aluminum extrusions, the best plastics and low-noise electronics, our product team worked their magic to offer you these antennas at a fraction of what we charged a year ago.

There’s still a lot of misinformation out there because the model numbers of the new US antennas are the same as the model numbers as their European counterparts. That means that searches for spec sheets and manuals will inevitably turn up old data and information designed for the European market. But you can feel confident that US-bound antennas have the proper LTE filtering in place. That’s a big selling point because as the country is blanketed with LTE towers, there is an ever-increasing chance that you’ll have some interference when you’re trying to pull in weaker, distant TV signals.

I’m happy to pass along questions to the Televes engineering team about this, because I really want to make sure we clear the air. Post them below and I’ll get answers for you!

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