Save a bundle on a cell booster, because you don’t really need LTE.

It’s one of those arguments that won’t die. When people want to improve their cell service, they look at the prices and it puts them off. I get that. But then, they say they want the latest and greatest, they want a booster that does it all… and that costs money.

So here it is, all laid out in front of you. Should you spend almost $400 on a 5-band cell booster that handles LTE cellular internet as well as voice, or should you pay half that and get a booster that just handles voice?

The argument AGAINST getting the more expensive booster
You don’t need a booster that handles LTE. If you’re at home you are probably connected to Wi-Fi anyway so why pay for something you’re not going to use? If you’re on Sprint, it’s not going to work anyway because they have those wonky weird frequencies that cell boosters don’t pick up. The real reason you have a cell booster in your home is because you can’t hear people talking. So when you look at it that way, there’s no reason to spend beaucoup bucks on a cell booster that also handles LTE frequencies.

The argument FOR getting the more expensive booster
FIrst of all if you don’t have home internet then obviously boosting your cell internet is important. If you have a lot of friends come over who use their phones, then you either have to give everyone your Wi-Fi password or keep apologizing for the bad reception. Either way you lose. If your carrier and your phone support HD-Voice, which gives much better audio quality, you will want an LTE booster. And finally, if you use your cell internet for some specific or nefarious reason (like setting up a VPN so you can stream video) then you’ll want an LTE booster.

If you seem more like the sort of person who wants a voice-only booster, you really owe it to yourself to check out the EZ-Call from SureCall. This is the voice-only version of last year’s award-winning EZ4G, just without the ability to boost LTE frequencies. You’ll notice that the EZ-Call has the same easy installation, the same friendly design, and the same high quality construction, but it’s only half the price. That makes it a real bargain if you don’t need those LTE frequencies.

Sure it’s nice to say you’re futureproof and it’s nice to say you have the top-of-the-line stuff, but is it really worth twice the price? That’s up to you. Personally… well personally I’m one of those super-thrifty types. Maybe you are too.

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