Will the DIRECTV Genie Remote control my TV?


DIRECTV’s latest Genie Remote comes packed with tons of codes for practically any device out there. But how can you know for sure? Unfortunately there’s not a published list of devices that are supported. Because the remote is completely self-programming, there isn’t a published guide of any sort that even lists brands.

What can you do?

My advice is roll the dice. The chances are excellent that the Genie remote will control your equipment, and at Solid Signal, the price is so low that you won’t even worry about shipping. I’ve seen this same remote at big box stores for $30 and you’re guaranteed to pay sales tax. (Solid Signal does not charge sales tax in states where it does not have a physical presence, that’s the law.) If you’ve bought a TV from a major manufacturer like Samsung, Sony, LG, or even Vizio or TCL, you’re going to be fine. I’ve seen where some TVs under the Insignia and Dynex brands don’t respond well because those are sourced from a lot of manufacturers.

Technically, a DIRECTV remote could be upgraded with new codes but as far as I know it’s never happened. It would require the receiver to send codes to the remote and there would probably be some sort of on-screen message telling you to keep the remote still and pointed at the receiver just like there is when it’s being programmed. I’ve never seen anything like that. However, since the database of models and brands is stored on the receiver, it can be updated easily, and it is updated all the time. So if new models are added and the codes already exist in the remote, they’ll be easily found.

So, feel confident. Order a DIRECTV Genie Remote and when you get it home, put batteries in it and while you’re watching live TV, press the Volume UP button. It will probably tell you the remote’s not programmed and take you to the screen where you can do everything you need. If you don’t get that message, press the {MENU} button, go to Settings&Help, Settings, Remote Control. If you’re replacing a previously programmed Genie Remote, you may have the option to copy settings, which is the easiest way to make your new remote act like your old one. If not, it’s a pretty simple set of steps to program the remote, just follow the on-screen instructions.

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