Hands on with the YX560SL Cellular Booster, part 1: Here’s the story

Last year’s booster is so… well… last year. Actually, don’t feel like that. If you have a cell booster that works for you, there’s no need to upgrade. But, if you’ve been staying on the sidelines or if your small office has gotten bigger, check out the ultimate power of Wi-Ex’s zBoost SOHO YX560SL Cellular Signal Booster.

This year, Wi-Ex takes proven technology and supercharges it. You’ll get a lot more gain — 70dB to be exact — and that means you could be covering 6,500 square feet of area with a strong signal. It works on all the carrier networks for voice and 3G (For 4G, consider adding a YX550 Datablast booster as well.)

How does this booster add so much more power? The whole system has been rethought. The omnidirectional antenna of the YX545 series has been replaced with a directional yagi design in a weatherproof enclosure. This little antenna packs a big punch with a 60 degree beam width, meaning that aiming is easy. The cable has been upgraded to RG6 for lower loss over long runs, too, so you don’t need to worry about that extra 1-2 dB of loss through the cable. Finally, the base unit is as powerful as possible to give you the best coverage.

You know that all this power is safe too, because of the anti-feedback circuitry in the base unit. You’ll be working with the local cell towers, not against them.

Your Solid Signal Team just took delivery of a brand new YX560 and you know what that means… tons of pictures and real world testing. Our test lab has a YX545 for comparison, too, and we’re prepared to give you actual test data including dB measurements. This is real science, folks.

Be prepared to read all about the YX560SL in the coming weeks as we put her through her paces!

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