Save some time wiring – use your coaxial cable!

If you’ve been around DIRECTV for a while, you may have some unused wiring in your home, and a few unused parts. The good news is that it’s possible to turn that unused stuff into an ethernet connection for any room!

Before SWM technology, every room with a DVR needed two satellite lines. With SWM technology, you only need one, and that leaves a lot of unused coax in rooms where you might now have connected devices (smart TVs, media streaming devices, etc.)

You may also have old DECA boxes, either the black ones you see at the top of the article, or white boxy ones which were used before that.. These were used to let your older receivers and DVRs connect to each other for whole-home programming and internet features. With HR24, H24 and newer devices, you don’t need these boxes any more and they may have been sitting in a drawer.

Here’s the good news: You can give yourself a spare ethernet port by connecting one end of an older DECA to an unused coax line, and the other to a PS12 power supply. This will let you connect to a network switch so you can run multiple devices off that line. If you buy a new one, it will come with a power supply.

Even if you don’t have a spare coax line you can use that DECA in a room with a receiver already in it. Here’s a simple diagram. It shows the new-style DECA but works just fine with the older ones and the PS12 power supply instead of the EPS10.

CCK Access Point fix

We’ve confirmed with Sonora that this power supply will work perfectly with a DECA.

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