Set recordings more easily with DIRECTV “Record Defaults”

DIRECTV makes it easy to record your favorite programs. When you’re in the guide and you see a program you want to record, press the {RECORD} button on your remote twice. (That’s the one with the orange circle and the R, not the one with the red dot. I know that’s confusing.) Once you do that you’ll be recording every episode on that channel.

Still, that may not be enough control for you, and you may end up modifying things so that it records the way you want. You may only want to keep one episode, you may want to record repeats, that’s up to you. You can always go into your series manager by pressing {MENU} then going to Recordings, Manage Recordings, Series Manager. From there you can edit any of the programs you’ve set to record.

There’s an easier way, especially if you are always making the same change. For example, I always want 10 episodes to stay in the list, not 5, and that’s an easy change to make.

Press {MENU} then go to Recordings, Manage Recordings. Arrow down to Recording Defaults. From there you can change the settings that are used any time you set up a recurring recording (which DIRECTV calls a “Series Link.”) These settings will be used when you press the record button twice in the guide, as well as in any menu where you can choose “record series.” It comes in especially handy for choosing the number of episodes you want to record and whether you want only first-run episodes or all episodes.

You can also set whether or not you want the recording to start early or end late or both, which can come in handy but on some DVRs you may end up with the ability to record fewer shows because of conflicts caused by starting early and ending late. Remember, DIRECTV’s DVRs automatically start recording about 30 seconds early and stop recording about 90 seconds late as long as it wouldn’t stop something else from recording. So, you may not need this feature as often as you’d like.

You can change recording defaults anytime you want but this screen only controls new Series Links that are set. Changing the recording defaults won’t go back and change them for every Series Link you’ve already set up. You’ll still have to do that manually if you want to make a global change.

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