Should you be grounding every DIRECTV splitter?

There are things in this world that we all say we do, and we don’t do. For example, read the terms and conditions. Sadly, grounding falls under that category for a lot of people. I’ve written dozens of articles about it. I guarantee, you’re not doing as much of it as you should.

But, there comes a point where you’ve probably grounded enough. Even I, the world’s leading authority on nagging you about grounding, will agree that there comes a point when it’s really about diminishing returns. And I have to say, that point probably comes sometime around the point where you’ve grounded the fourth splitter in your DIRECTV system.

Those green screws are taunting you

Literally every DIRECTV splitter you have comes with a pair of green screws. These screws are intended for grounding wire. Does that mean you have to run two wires to every splitter and ground every one? Because, I have to say, that would be a bit of a pain in the rumpus room. If you know what I mean.

Here’s the good news

In general, you do not need to ground any DIRECTV equipment inside your home. Your receivers and clients have two-prong plugs for a reason: they don’t need to be grounded. And, if you’ve done your job on the outside of the home, those splitters don’t need to be grounded either.

But, of course that means you have to do your job on the outside. You have to ground the dish. You should even be grounding external SWMs and the splitters that are right near them. Often times this is done by bonding to a house ground. The easiest way is to get a metal plate, attach all that stuff to the plate, and ground the plate to your home’s grounding system. If you’ve gone through all of that, there shouldn’t be a need to ground the splitters inside your home.

But why do all those splitters have green screws?

The green screws are there for the same reason that every DIRECTV splitter has weather boots. No one is expecting it to rain inside your home. But, it doesn’t make sense to create “outdoor” and “indoor” splitters. If the splitter is inside the house, you can take off the weather boots and grounding screws if they are really freaking you out. Most people just ignore them, coming to terms with their existence inside their homes.

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