Why spend $50 on movie tickets? DIRECTV Cinema is better!

Yeah, it’s the summer. And the powers that be are hoping you’ll drop $15 a ticket and $10 more for popcorn just to see the latest films in the theater. But why would you, when there’s a universe of entertainment at home for a quarter of the price?

DIRECTV has HD and 4K titles — the same quality as you see in the theater — available now and I’m talking about movies that were just in theaters weeks ago. Sure, so you have to be a little patient with your viewing habits, but you don’t just save money, you actually get a better experience!

Why sit in someone else’s seat, on their schedule, and deal with the crowds and noise? Why not sit in your own living room and watch on your own big-screen TV? Pause when you want to, turn the volume up or down, and chow down on the stuff in your own refrigerator!

Yes, I get it. Date night, night out with the kids, all of that. But is it really better or just a chance to get out of the house? Personally I hardly ever go to the cinema anymore because I have the best entertainment at home on my own schedule.

If you’re curious what’s out there, press the {MENU} button on your receiver and arrow down to Search&Browse then choose Movies. Or look at the guide starting with channel 100.

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Stuart Sweet
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