TIP: Get the basics… learn about DISH Network with Dish 101

We often get requests for more information on DISH equipment. Solid Signal is a DISH dealer as well as being a DIRECTV dealer,and there’s a lot to learn no matter whose satellite service you’ve chosen.

If you’re looking for the basics, DISH gives a series of promotional videos on channel 101. This a great way for new users to get comfortable with their equipment, and even established users can find out more about new features or enhanced options on their DISH equipment.

“Dish 101” will help you with learning more about your receiver or DVR, and help you with watching your content outside the home, help address billing questions, and give you basic troubleshooting tips that you may need. Of course, online help is also available at DISH.com and here at this forum, but channel 101 is there 24 hours a day with tips for new and advanced users.

So, take a few minutes and explore Dish 101. You’ll be glad you did!

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Stuart Sweet
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