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About a year ago, DIRECTV rolled out a new search experience for its HD DVRs. It made it easier to find shows on every channel, but potentially created problems for local channels. That bug seems to have settled down, but a lot of people report that they’re less than happy with the new feature. It sometimes finds later airings so people have to wait for the program they want, and still sometimes trips up on shows that air on local channels.

When setting up a Series Link, personally, I recommend the method that veteran DIRECTV blogger “peds48” likes. Instead of choosing “Record Series” which will record shows across multiple channels, choose “Upcoming Airings” and then choose a show to record on the channel you want. For example, if you want the east coast HBO feed, choose something on that feed as the example of what to record.

When you find a show on the right channel, press the record button twice to set up the recurring recording. You should see the “R)))” icon.

If you really do want to record on multiple channels, choose “Record Series” as normal, but make sure that if you also want reruns (for example if you’re trying to bingewatch to get caught up) you go to the series options (MENU, Recordings, Manage Recordings, Series Manager, highlight what you want, SELECT) and set the option to “All” instead of “First Run.”

Yes, I agree that if you’re trying to customize your viewing experience this is a lot more steps than it used to be and it’s kind of a drag. But then you have to realize that for the average person who just doesn’t know when a show is on, what channel it’s on, and all that, “Record Series” makes a lot of sense. It’s a one-stop way to get everything they want. So they made it easier for that kind of person, and harder for you. As they say, sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you.

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