TIP: Sort your DIRECTV Playlist by Category

So you’re the kind of person who takes full advantage of the 1 terabyte hard drive in the Genie DVR. You pride yourself on keeping whole seasons of TV on hand for those slow times. Bingewatching is second nature to you. The only problem is… your playlist gets so long that you lose track of what you have.

DIRECTV has thought of you, oh heaviest of the heavy users, with a simple feature that sorts your programs and shows you the stuff you want to see. It’s not exactly a hidden menu, but it’s not the sort of thing you’d stumble on, even though there’s a shortcut to it on the menu.

Start by pressing the {DASH} button to the left of the zero, when you’re in the playlist. A popup menu appears:

See, it’s right there: “Sort Programs by Category.” It was staring you in the face all along! Press {SELECT} and you’ll see a whole lot of different ways to sort:

What you see above is just part of the list. It keeps going. Sure there are a few categories like “3D” which, honestly, aren’t going to get a lot of use, but there are enough filters there to show you a much smaller list of programs whenever you need them.

That {DASH} button is pretty helpful throughout your DIRECTV DVR’s menu system. You might try pressing it here and there, just to see what happens. You might be surprised!

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