WARNING: Do not try to get a better deal by saying “cancel service”

You’ve probably heard this tip… supposedly you can get better deals by calling DIRECTV and saying “cancel service” at the first prompt. Yes, it’s true, this used to work quite well. However, a few years ago DIRECTV got wise and changed their retention policies. If you say “cancel service” at the prompt, you had better be ready to cancel service, because you’ll be taken straight to a representative who will be prepared to tell you if there’s an outstanding balance on your bill, if there’s a fee for disconnecting, and they’ll be happy to wish you well.

It’s not that DIRECTV doesn’t want your business. They just got wise to the scam… call it the old story of “the boy who cried wolf.” This tip circulated around the internet so many times that it lost all its validity.

What can you do if you want discounts on your bill? The best thing to do is refer a friend. You can get up to $100 off your bill by referring ten people to DIRECTV, and they’ll happily give you that discount. Give your friend your DIRECTV account number and the name on your account and you’ll get that discount automatically. It’s that easy!

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