What does it mean, “101 satellite?”

Hang around satellite geeks for a while and you’ll hear them start to spout numbers. If they’re DIRECTV fans, you’ll hear numbers like 101, 103, and 99. If they’re more fond of DISH, you’ll hear numbers like 110 and 129 or 61.5 and 77.

These aren’t some secret code, they’re simple descriptions.

They’re locations in the sky actually.

People will use the term “101 satellite.” What they mean is that there’s a satellite in the sky, orbiting above the equator. It’s in geostationary orbit, meaning thanks to some fancy math it’s sitting at the same position relative to the earth all the time. In this case, a satellite at the “101 location” is orbiting above 101.1º west longitude, 0º latitude.

You’ll generally hear people say “the 101 satellite” as if there is only one. Every one of DIRECTV’s main satellite locations has multiple satellites. There are three at the 101 degree location, including the latest and greatest. The satellite humbly named “T16” is a 14,000 pound monstrosity that was launched in June, 2019. It will eventuall take over all the duties for that satellite location when the other satellites there are moved to a parking orbit.

Does it matter which satellite your programs are on?

Most of the time, it doesn’t. But, for our customers with marine, RV, or tailgate setups, it really can make a difference. Smaller, more compact satellite setups can only see one satellite location at a time. Your home satellite dish can see them all, of course. Larger mobile and marine systems can as well but these multi-satellite setups are larger and more expensive.

If you’re trying to watch satellite TV from the road or on the water, it’s important to know which satellite you’re aiming at. There are some online resources which can help such as this always-up-t0-date list of DIRECTV satellite channel locations.

If you change from a channel on one satellite to one on another satellite, a couple things could happen. It depends on the model of marine or mobile dish you have. In some cases, the dish just automatically reaims itself. This takes a minute but at least it happens. In other cases the channel won’t be available to you. This is often because the other satellite uses technology your receiver and satellite dish can’t use. That’s when you need an upgrade.

Get the best satellite solution for you

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